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What did you like best about Imperial Marble Kitchens & Baths Inc.?

The following are verbatim customer responses from research that American Ratings Corporation conducted between 1/16/08 and 10/21/09. Customer last names have been initialized for privacy.

“The personal help, the one-on-one service between the salesperson and the client, I dealt with one person.” -D.D.T.

“They did a really good job.” -Armando M.

“I liked their service. I thought their personnel was extremely friendly, accommodating, and creative.” -Cathy R.

“I liked the pre-installation service. I also liked their selection of materials and the selection of the cuts. Their people were really helpful with arranging the material and cuts so that a decision could be made.” -Corrie G.

“Personal service, I thought they were great. We got great service and great prices.” -Jeff W.

“Their customer service, when we walked in their door, they greeted us. They explained who they were and all of the different granite. It was one on one. I really liked that it was a family-run business. They were exceptional. They were fabulous. I would recommend them to anybody. They did good work. My kitchen is beautiful because of them. They are doing a great job.” -Jim M.

“They are great with their scheduling. They keep to the schedule and they accommodate my timing needs really well. I had a job that needed to be done on short notice and they got it done. Also, I liked the quality of the product and their finished work. I was really impressed. I have used other companies before and Imperial is really outstanding. I am really happy with their job. I will only use them from now on. I have used them for my last three jobs.” -Leandro C.

“They kept their word on everything and they did a great job.” -Nancy O.

“I liked that there was good communication and good execution with the installation. They followed up. They were professional about letting me know what they were going to do and how they were going to do it.” -A.W.E.

“I liked the owner. They were nice, well priced, and somewhat on schedule. Their scheduling was good.” -U.D.I.

“They did the job on time, the price was right, and it looks nice.” -Charrol M.

“Their customer service, it was a small job, but they treated it like it was a big job.” -Jamie P.

“Quality work, their workmanship was excellent.” -Joe G.

“Price and service, I think the quality of their work is acceptable and okay. I don't have any complaints.” -Tatyana S.

“The people who worked there were really smart. They wanted to take care of me. I got good service. They knew their stuff.” -K.C.

“Great customer service, the guys in the office are great to deal with. The workers who come out to the job are very clean and neat. I would definitely use them again.” -M.C.

“They paid attention to requests.” -Jacqueline B.

“I liked their selection of materials and their service. They paid attention to details.” -Jim Y.

“They pay attention to detail. The finishing and the work they did. They did a good job. When it came to the detail with their finishing or their workmanship, it was all excellent.” -Barry J.

“The craftsman was very good. He had a wonderful sense of color. He was excellent. The work done in my kitchen was beautiful.” -Bruno M.

“Price” -Robert L.

“I liked the individual who came over and told us what we could do. Their woodwork was good.” -John T.

“The guys, they're good at what they do. They are really nice, they go above and beyond, and they clean up really well.” —Tracy M.

“Their workmanship was very nice. They were good, honest people.” —Emmanuel A.

“They were very patient with me, and they showed me numerous selections when I couldn't make up my mind.” —Cathy R.

“They arrived when they said they would and often times even earlier. Their craftsmanship was beautiful. They also offered great customer service in their showroom. They were recommended by my contractor.” —Jennifer B.

“Their attention to detail” —Marianne C.

“They were timely and gave us good suggestions.” —Felicia T.

“The whole operation, the installation was good and they helped me select the model.” —Jim Q.

“They were always available.” —Marcella M.

“The granite, because I was able to pick out my own. Everything, it is just gorgeous.” —Monica L.

“They worked professionally.” —Yoko S.

“I thought they were really customer-focused, and they had a great product. We were really happy with the marble and the installation of it. I was really happy about the price too. I had a really good experience.” —Kirsten G.

“I really liked their showroom. It was very nice. The associates were very nice. I liked the quality of their work.
They did very nice work and at a good price.” —Warren C.

“I really enjoyed dealing with their salesperson. I was satisfied with the service.” —Mark M.

“Their promptness, and they were very nice.” —Lisa L.

“They were pretty prompt, and they were there when they said they would be there. They got everything done. I had them come out to re-do something, because there was a scratch. I was pretty happy they came back to fix it.” —Jim G.

“They do small jobs.” —Joe B.

“I could depend on them. I was perfectly happy with them.” —Guss G.

“They had a great guy, great template, and did great work. I found a spot the other day, but they came out and changed it, no problem. There is not enough I could say about the company. I was very satisfied.” —Spencer L.

“Their professionalism, and the outstanding work they did on the finished product. I thought they did a nice job.” —David F.

“They were so nice and cooperative.” —Ebe T.

“Their workmanship was good. They were also very nice and friendly people.” —Eva O.

“They were very professional, and they had some really great suggestions. Even though Imperial didn't have the marble we wanted, they shopped around until they found what we were looking for. We were really happy with their service.” —Philip L.

“They did a nice job. The installer did impressive work. We have recommended them to others.” —Frank I.

“The quality, workmanship, and the stone itself, everything was great.” —Marianne E.

“The service and the design were great.” —Eldon R.

“They were really nice people.” —Michael M.

“They did a good job.” —Cari G.

“They were the best from start to finish.” —Mary N.

“They provided prompt, courteous service. They addressed my concerns right away.” —Maryam A.

“I was given a good price, and service. The installation guys were great. They were very professional, worked really fast, and were careful.” —Shiz K.

“They were really nice to work with. They had good customer service, a good price, and a great selection of marble.” —Sharon V.

“They did a nice job.” —Joe W.

“I liked everything. They were very professional, the work was done in a timely manner, and they were very accommodating.” —Woody Z.

“The follow-up was good.” —Larry C.

“They were punctual, very particular when taking measurements, and did a good job.” —Gigi K.

“The crew was great. They were fun and accommodating.” —Bryan J.

“They were very prompt, and clean. All in all, I was very pleased” —Al H.

“We work with them all of the time.” —Wayne W.

“They spent time with us. They helped us make a decision and were very courteous. Our needs were very important to them, so my overall experience was fantastic.” —Donna L.

“I liked the quality, service, and the attitudes of the people we worked with.” —Loraine S.

“They were very genuine people, and they did quality work. I have used them before at my old house, and I would recommend them to anyone.” —Marcel C.

“Our sales representative was nice. I wasn't home when they did the work, but my husband was very impressed by how it was handled. We went back two years later, and the sales representative still remembered us.” —Robin O.

“They were punctual for the installation appointment. They gave outstanding service.” —Mike P.

“The quality of work” —Douglas R.

“They put up with me, so I was satisfied. They were very helpful. I'd definitely go back to them.” —Paul A.

“They were very customer-service oriented.” —Anthony S.

“Their craftsmanship was great.” —Camille S.

“The quality of their products, and they were very generous with the pricing.” —Rod H.

“The service I received from Kevin was good.” —Carol L.

“They were straightforward and had nice quality marble. The sales process went good, and the installation was done well.” —Mark R.

“The quality of work was excellent. Their attitude and responsiveness was good as well.” —Suzan W.
“The high-quality product, the installation, and the service” —Jack H.

“Our salesman was patient. There were so many choices, but he didnít make us feel rushed nor was he pushy. My husband liked the technical expertise of the installers. They were very thorough.” —Annette B.

“They had good knowledge of granite and marble.” —Mark F.

“They were on time.” —Rocky R.

“Their flexibility, and they came up with good suggestions.” —Gregg C.

“The time they took to develop the pattern, weigh it out, and get the grains to match was great.” —Julie B.

“They were very responsive.” —Joanne G.

“They did what they said they would do, and their quality of service was good.” —Diel H.

“They had a good variety, and the people were very polite and professional.” —Kristy V.

“They were prompt and professional. There were no problems with the installation.” —Naoki S.

“The overall work was great. They were always right on time and very punctual. The people were very easy to work with and very organized.” —Peter M.

“They were friendly, prompt, and did a good job overall.” —Mary B.

“They were responsive to my needs.” —Carol W.

“I liked the fact that they worked on the layout of the granite.” —Tyler C.

“They used good quality materials.” —David R.

“It worked out just the way I wanted it.” —Melinda K.

“I liked the way they walked me through the whole process.” —Marissa T.

“The quality of the countertop was good. The people in the office were good too. The quality of my marble was good. All of that was exceptional.” —Steven B.

“The quality of the stone was good.” —Beth G.

“They were pretty straightforward and prompt.” —Bobby L.

“A little bit of everything, I liked everything.” —Bruno Z.

“Their scheduling was accommodating for me.” —M.D.

“The quality” —Donald M.

“They had a nice showroom. I had a good experience.” —Rick B.

“They were friendly and personable. I was very happy with them. I thought they did a very good job.” —Manuel Q.

“They did a good job.” —Stacey K.

“They were on time and helpful.” —Alice R.

“There just really nice people, and they did everything in a timely manner.” —Orlando B.

“The service, and they responded quickly.” —Moyra M.

“They were friendly, and they showed up on time, just as they said. I was satisfied.” —Milka K.

“They were responsive and did the job when they said they would.” —Leo E.

“They helped me stay within my budget and provided me recommendations on how best to achieve that.” —Rochelle S.

“The planning, the marble selection, and they had a lot of choices.” —Tina R.

“Overall, they were pretty good. They were responsive to my needs and had good ideas.” —Mike B.

“I used them twice, and they were attentive in the way they handled different situations. They took control as situations occurred. My wife was happy.” —David D.

“What they did looks good.” —John D.

“The price, they call back, and their service was good.” —Thomas J.

“The workmanship, the guy who took the template was outstanding, and the installation went just fine.” —Tim J.

“The quality of material, and their work was very good.” —Steven S.

“They had a good selection. Their customer service was satisfactory. The installation was excellent. They did a neat job, and they didn't leave a mess.” —Jeff W.

“Good communication and quick service” —Darren O.

“The installation crew was clean and courteous. They were very careful of their surroundings, and their selection was good.” —Rod L.

“I was happy with the installers. They were really good.” —Karen A.

“They were very accommodating.” —Jenny W.


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